Welcome to La Houguette Primary School

At La Houguette children enjoy their learning and enjoy being together. Our recent Validation report commends our harmonious community where the children work and play happily together and show considerable kindness towards others. The children make responsible choices and respect the rights of others to be happy and safe. They agree that every teacher has the right to teach and every child has the right to learn. These form the basis of our behaviour charters.

Our children are keen to be active and healthy. Almost a third come to school by bus and during Walk to School Week we have seen over 70 children walking together in our ‘walking bus’. Our children know about healthy eating and bring healthy snacks for playtimes. They know about keeping safe in the sun and keep themselves hydrated using their classroom water stations. We are accredited as a Healthy School.

We have an excellent range of extra-curricular enrichment activities which cater for children’s interests in sport, music, dance, gardening and local heritage, with members of the local community teaching Guernsey French and lace making. However provision is not exclusively the responsibility of adults at La Houguette as children running their own clubs for younger children has become quite a school tradition. We have children as young as Year 2 organising activities for Reception children, under the watchful eye of teachers on playground duty. One boy told validators that ‘Everyone loves the dancing club at break times as it is so much fun!’ The validators concluded that ‘work in class is supplemented by an excellent programme of activities and clubs that contribute much to pupil’s all-round development’. We believe that this broader interpretation of the curriculum contributes to what the validators observed to be ‘confident, well-adjusted, respectful individuals’ with the skills necessary to lead a productive and fulfilled adult life. We are proud of our children’s level of participation.

Our standards of attainment often exceed the Bailiwick average however we are always seeking to improve. In English we believe we could do more to raise standards of writing. . Our youngest children learn a cursive script right from the start and throughout the school the children take great pride in the presentation of their work. The big incentive is to be awarded a ‘pen licence’ in assembly and to be recognised as a pen-writer.

We are blessed with an amazing outdoor environment for our learning and our play. We exploit this rich outdoor environment, combining the curriculum and our Smart Skills to provide rich first-hand experiential learning in literacy, science, art, mathematics, physical and health education, personal and social skills.