We believe in the educational value of taking the children to learn thorough residential trips. Not only do they learn about other places and other cultures, but they learn to be self-reliant, to organise themselves, to take responsibility and to be independent. Our children really enjoy their trips and speak about them for a long time afterwards.

Year 4 go to Lihou Island

In Year 4 the children spend two nights marooned on the Island of Lihou, the most westerly of the Channel Islands. We have the advantage of being able to see the island from school, and we can walk to it.

Activities include archery, orienteering, rock pooling, night walk, team games and beach art. As well as learning about the history of the island and the production of iodine, the children learn to take care of themselves and of each other, including peeling potatoes and making their bed.

Year 6 go to London

In year 6 the children go to London for a long weekend break. They travel by plane, train, coach and underground. The trip is supported by the NST travel group.

In London the children visit the British Museum, Natural History Museum and Science Museum. They contrast the artwork of the Tate Modern and National Gallery, take a ride in the London Eye and visit the important sites such as St Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace. After a workshop in Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre they enjoy the thrills of a west end show. For some, the highlight is Planet Hollywood or Pizza Hut, for others it is the squirrels in St James’ Park.