Extra Curricular Activities


At La Houguette we believe the curriculum encompasses all that children experience at school. This extends beyond formal lessons and learning in the classroom and includes a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities.Through the enthusiasm and generosity of our teachers, teaching assistants, administrative staff, parents, volunteers from the local community and Schools’ Services,we are able to provide a rich programme of activities and clubs, recognised by validators as ‘excellent’. With many and varied strengths and interests to draw on, we offer a breadth and diversity of opportunities to appeal to a broad range of children’s interests. Consequently over 90% of children are involved in some form of extra-curricular activity.

During our validation inspectorsobserved ‘the very high level of participation in sporting events such as athletics, football and netball that strongly aid the pupils’ team-building skills and personal leadership qualities’. We also offer gymnastics, tag-rugby and cricket on a seasonal basis and take part in all local tournaments and competitions. Our sport provision is strengthened by the contribution of the Sports Commission, parent volunteers, and students from the College of FE. Our PTA organise our annual triathlon event together with the Guernsey Triathlon Club.

With the help of members of the local community we encourage children’s appreciation of their local heritage. Guernsey French is offered to children from Year 2 with several children attending the weekly lunchtime clubuntil they leave us in Year 6. Lace-making appeals to both boys and girls and encourages a great deal of patience and tenacity. The children become experts and are able to help each other with their intricate designs. Both Guernsey French and lacework are show cased at the annual Eisteddfod.

Links with the local community are strengthened through the gardening club as volunteers from the Floral group work alongside the children. Club members have enjoyed considerable success in providing the vegetables for a celebration meal, which complements classroom learning about plant life cycles and the best conditions for growing.

With the support and encouragement of teachers, parents and the Music Service, music tradition at La Houguette is strong. During the summer months we enjoy outdoor lunchtime concerts in our Gunpit, while in the festive season the orchestra and recorder group practice hard to be ready to accompany the carol concert in the parish church. Choirs lead the parish Christmas tree-lighting event and brighten the day for those in residential homes. Currently our recently formed Houguettebandareworking towards performing theirown song.

The Schools’ Library Service helps us to encourage children to enjoy books and read for pleasure. At a weekly reading circle led by our school’s librarian, children choose a book to read at home and talk about with others. The children say it is great fun and introduces them to a range of authors, genres and interests.