Catchment Areas in Guernsey

Catchment Areas Primary, Junior and Infant Schools in Guernsey accept children from a specific area of the Island known as the school’s catchment area. Your child will normally attend the school in the catchment area where you live. If your child is not selected for a place at the Grammar School or one of the grant-aided Colleges then they will transfer to the High School which serves your catchment area at the age of 11.

The States on-line mapping service, Digimap, provides simple maps showing the Primary and Secondary catchment areas. These maps can be accessed using the external links below.

La Houguette’s catchment area includes the parishes of St Pierre Du Bois, St Saviours and Torteval.

Primary age pupils in Alderney attend St Anne’s School. There is also a small school on the Island of Herm. Sark School falls outside of the Education Department’s control.

Requests for an out of catchment placement are considered by the Education Department but are only granted in a limited number of circumstances according to specific criteria.

A copy of the School Admissions Policy and the circumstances in which an out of catchment placement may be agreed are available to download from the States of Guernsey Education Department website.

Information about how to appeal against a decision not to grant an out of catchment request is also available below.

Moving House/Changing Address – which school should my child attend?

Pupils due to Start in Reception or Currently Registered in Year 6

If a child has not yet started at a primary or high school but changes address and subsequently the catchment area the child resides in differs to that of their previous address,then the child should attend the catchment school for his/her area based on their address as at 30th June that year.

For further clarification, of the above, please see examples 1 and 2 below:-

  1. Change address and subsequently move into a different catchment area, before 30th June: – child must be re-registered at his/her actual catchment school, subject to availability.
  2. Change address and subsequently move into a different catchment area, after 30th June: – option of either,
    A) Re-register the child at his/her actual catchment school (subject to availability at the time of re-registering) or;
    B) Submit an Out of Catchment Area School (OCAS) request, asking permission for the child to continue to attend the school, of which they have been allocated a placement, even though it would not be his/her catchment school.

Pupils Currently Registered in Years 1 to 5 or Years 7 to 11

When a child’s home address changes and subsequently the catchment area the child resides in differs to that of their previous address, whilst the child is still attending school in either Years 1 to 5 or Years 7 to 11, then, as the Department operates a catchment policy based on the home address of pupils, parents/carers of the child have the following options to consider;

  1. Submit a request for the child to continue attending the school at which they are currently registered or;
  2. Submit a request for the child to transfer into their actual catchment school, based on the new address.


Requests should be addressed to the Administration section, within the Education Department in writing and, in line with “School Admissions Policy 2015”, should be accompanied by a photocopied proof of address (e.g. utilities bill from within the last 3months). In the absence of a utility bill, the Department will require a copy of either a tenancy agreement or a court document confirming proof of ownership of a property.