We think La Houguette should be a school where staff and parents work in partnership to inspire and empower our children to explore, learn and to understand the value of hard work and effort in order to challenge themselves to reach their potential.

Through exciting ,creative teaching and learning we strive to develop happy, motivated children who show consideration,respect and understanding for others.

Our Vision

We believe that learning should be fun, purposeful, inspiring and challenging. We aim to equip each child with the skills, attitudes and attributes they will need become Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors who are proud of their efforts and achievements and well prepared for modern life

We believe in the need to develop the whole child, through positive partnerships and attitudes, in a safe and secure environment where our differences and heritage are celebrated.

We believe all members of our school community should be valued, respected and accorded the same politeness- Treat others as we would wish to be treated

We believe that our school community should work together to provide a safe, supportive , clean and stimulating learning environment. This environment extends beyond the classroom to the outside areas and learning opportunities around the Island and further abroad.

We believe that good teamwork and positive partnerships – with children, colleagues, parents and the wider community will lead to effective teaching, high standards and successful learning.


Welcome to La Houguette Primary School

La Houguette is a States of Guernsey maintained co-educational primary school. We are situated in the rural west of the island and we are very much a parish school serving a wide area covering the parishes of St Pierre du Bois, St Saviour’s and Torteval. We are organised with two classes in each year, with the exception of our current years 1 and 2 which are single class. Our average class size is 17.

At La Houguette we enjoy learning and enjoy being together. We are a community of 275 children and 30 staff and see ourselves as a school family. We are a vibrant, successful and happy school. We place children’s spiritual, moral, social, development at the heart of what we do, and we all work together to make our school a happy and safe place for everyone. Our children are responsible and make a full contribution to the life of the school. Our recent Validation report commends our harmonious community where the children work and play happily together and show considerable kindness towards others. Our children enjoy the opportunity to work with and care for each other. They make responsible choices and respect the rights of others to be happy and safe. We all believe that every teacher has the right to teach and every child has the right to learn. This forms the basis of our classroom behaviour charters.

We value and respect all of our children and are proud of their many achievements. We care passionately about children’s happiness, success and wellbeing and celebrate their individual milestones on the way to becoming confident individuals, responsible citizens, effective contributors and successful learners. We provide a broad and engaging curriculum that makes the best use of our outdoor environment, and we work hard to achieve high academic standards. Our standards of attainment often exceed the Bailiwick average however we are always seeking to improve.

We are proud of our local heritage and create a curriculum which enables the children to appreciate Guernsey’s rich culture, history and environment. Our school is blessed with amazing grounds for learning and for play. We have two playgrounds and an extensive playing field that leads down to our own nature reserve. We make the very best use of this rich outdoors which allows us to provide rich first-hand learning experiences across the curriculum. Our unique feature is our own Second World War gun pit, a remnant of the Mirus Battery gun emplacement built by the occupying forces in WW2. This has been transformed into a large and pleasant amphitheatre where we hold our end of year celebration assembly, when parents and friends join us in celebrating and having fun together.

We ensure classroom learning is supplemented by an excellent programme of activities and clubs which contribute to pupils’ all-round development. Our excellent range of extra-curricular enrichment activities cater for children’s interests in sport, music, dance, gardening and local heritage. We are supported by members of the local community who teach Guernsey French and lace making, and help with sports clubs. The children are also keen to help with extra provision and we have quite a tradition of children running their own clubs for younger children. We believe that this broader interpretation of the curriculum contributes to our confident, well-adjusted, respectful individuals with the skills necessary to lead a productive and fulfilled adult life. We are proud that our children love joining in.

We are an accredited Healthy School as our children are keen to be active and healthy. Our children know about healthy eating and bring healthy snacks for playtimes. They know about keeping safe in the sun when they are outside and keep themselves hydrated using their classroom water stations.

Our school is an important part of our local community and are very well supported by our parents, many of whom kindly help us in school on a voluntary basis. We have thriving and successful and supportive PTA. We actively welcome the involvement of parents and members of the wider community to enrich children’s learning experiences and contribute to our schools’ provision.