Happy Learning Partnership

We believe La Houguette is a school where staff,  parents and the community work in partnership to inspire and empower our children to explore, learn,  think critically and creatively, work together and to understand the value of hard work and effort in order to challenge themselves and be prepared for the future.

Through exciting, creative and high quality teaching and learning we strive to develop happy, motivated, confident children who show consideration, respect and understanding for others and are prepared as the best they can be for the future.

Our Vision

At La Houguette, the heart of every teacher’s practice and drive is the child. We all have that moral purpose where every decision made is with the children’s interests in mind, where children come first. We are committed to giving all children every opportunity to learn, grow and develop and to achieve the highest possible standards.

We do this through:-
Making  learning engaging and inspiring, purposeful and challenging.  

Valuing  the skills, attitudes and attributes that children need to become successful and life long learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

Empowering children to embrace learning through positive partnerships and attitudes, in a safe and secure environment where our differences and heritage are celebrated.

Developing Digital Competency, Communication and Numeracy in a wide range of meaningful contexts.

Valuing and respecting all members of our school community where tolerance and inclusion are central to the child’s wellbeing.

Working together we provide a safe, supportive, inspiring environment that ignites curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

Building positive partnerships with children, colleagues, parents and the wider community which is at the heart of our school and one where their voice is valued.

Promoting and equipping the children to make informed choices to live a healthy, active, social and emotionally fulfilling life.

La Houguette School Values

1. We show respect  and care for ourselves, each other, our’s and other’s property, our community, our environment, our world; We listen to each other respectfully and accept people have other views.  We take turns and share.

2. We are kind We look to help and care for  each other, to everyone and our environment. We have gentle hands

3. We try to do our best as much as possible and don’t give up-we show a Growth Mindset 
4. We are honest to ourselves and each other and stay truthful

5. We are proud of who we are and what we do, of our families, our teachers,  our school, our community, our parish, our island, our world