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Off-site trips


The school takes every opportunity to extend the curriculum outside of school. At the start of school you will be asked to sign a form to give us permission to take your child on these trips.

Other learning attributes are also specified such as the learning how to learn skills; e.g. resilience, reflection and creativity. We are looking forward to developing our curriculum and believe that it will enhance and invigorate the learning opportunities we give to our children.



We are very fortunate at our school to have teachers and outside agencies that provide a range of extra-curricular activities including dance, recorders, netball, football, rugby, cricket and choir.

Some of these activities take place in lunchtimes and some after school. There are occasions where the older pupils lead the clubs as well; these will be supervised by a teacher. When they are after school you will have a letter explaining when the club is, how long it is for and the arrangements in case of bad weather.

Please see updates for current clubs on offer that your child could attend.

Pupil-led clubs


We are very proud to have clubs run by our children. These ‘pupil-led’ clubs run for 4 weeks at a time and are supervised by teachers.

The children can choose to run their own club by making an application to Mrs Judd. They organise and run the club themselves with a teacher on hand if needed. Please see this document for a list of the current clubs available.