Active travel
We promote walking, cycling or scootering as a healthy way for our students to travel to school. Research shows being active can help students concentrate better and increase their levels of achievement. Being active on their journey to school also helps young people reach the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day.

By walking or cycling, our school community can also help reduce the number of vehicles on the road making it safer for pedestrians and cyclists. It also reduces the pollution caused from exhaust fumes helping combat climate change and create cleaner air.

You could also consider park and stride – find a location near to the school and walk from there.

Overcoming barriers
Are you experiencing any barriers keeping you from travelling actively? Consider the following solutions:
To increase confidence and skills on a bike, Bikeability is taught to years 5 and 6 in school. For more information contact the school or the instructors directly at [email protected]
Active Travel Map

Below is an image of an active travel map, highlighting walking distances and routes around the school (Paul James, road safety officer at Traffic and Highways to coordinate, working with Digimap)

The school buses operate every morning and afternoon. Contact the school secretary to find out more details.