Helping in school

At La Houguette we are very fortunate to have parents, grandparents and members of the community who help us in a variety of ways in and around school, on trips and during other activities and we really welcome it.

As part of the Education Department’s Child Protection procedures all staff and volunteers working one to one with pupils are required to undergo a criminal screening process which includes completing a Police Disclosure form.

The normal process is that you would speak to the school administration staff in the first instance and then contact Frossard House to arrange to complete the police check form. You will need two forms of photographic I.D and a utility bill.

A guidance leaflet is available at the office for further information when helping out.

The pre-school role of parents

Prepare your child for school well in advance and make this a happy experience. Talk to your child about school and make it sound a happy and exciting place and something they can look forward to experiencing.

Help your child be ready for school by encouraging them to:

  • play and socialise with others

  • dress and feed themselves and go to the toilet without assistance

  • establish good sleeping habits

  • have confidence in being separated from their parents

  • have the ability and confidence to play and share with other

  • children and to communicate with them

  • understand and follow simple instructions.

A booklet entitled ‘Getting Ready for School’ and pack will be handed out at the new parents’ evening and spare copies are available at the office.

During your child’s first half term initial assessments are made of their developmental levels in different areas of learning. You will be asked to help to compile this by filling out a questionnaire and through discussions with the teacher.

Volunteer helper handbook

For further information about volunteering, download the handbook below as a PDF.

Download PDF